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Chuck Demidovich

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Adrianne Paden


There was a time when all 88 counties in the state of Ohio were mandated to operate a county home to provide residential nursing care and related services to the indigent citizens of their county. Over time that mandated was repealed and many counties gave over that responsibility to other organizations and closed their county homes.

Currently, thirty-three counties in the state of Ohio continue to operate a county home.

Approximately half of the Ohio county homes are certified under both Medicare and Medicaid and offer a variety of specialized services including skilled nursing care, rehabilitative physical, occupational and speech therapies, hospice and other medical services.

Non-certified homes make up the remainder of the county homes offering residential care, assisted living, intermediate nursing care or other
non-certified services.

The Ohio County Home Association was formed to provide a professional and social network for the purpose of communicating pertinent issues and educating its members on the ever-changing environment of the health care profession.

The Ohio County Home Association also acts as a liaison between the member county homes and other professional support and service organizations.

The Ohio County Home Association conducts educational conferences, seminars and workshops for its membership at affordable rates. These educational offerings are generally open to other health care facilities and related groups as space permits.


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